About Us


  • A cross-team, integrated and root cause analysis approach to find Solutions that Work
  • Smooth transitions between the tiers of support within LinkEHR, your project team, and executives
  • Adaptable staffing models that can help you smooth out demand spikes
  • An in-depth onboarding experience for LinkEHR to learn your Epic environment and culture
  • Thorough issue documentation in your Help Desk or service management system


  • A proactive team committed to identifying potential areas for optimization
  • High-quality customer service that understands and follows your change management policies
  • Well-balanced mix of operational and technical skills to analyze and resolve the most complex of technical and workflow issues


  • Predictable monthly and long-term cost with little to no travel costs
  • Reporting metrics that are transparent and show true performance
  • LinkEHR’s model results in a higher average resource skillset, increased efficiency and an overall lower resource requirement


  • A proven Epic support model that increases your efficiency in issue resolution
  • Staff with diverse Epic certifications and knowledge capable of leading complex projects and enhancements
  • A knowledgeable, consistent, dependable, and responsive Business Application Partner (BAP) team
  • The average LinkEHR employee is certified in 4 to 5 Epic applications


Medical Receptionist
LinkEHR Support Traditional FTE/Contractor Support
Skillset Highly Skilled: Former Epic employees and functional operators with multiple certifications, deep application configuration, and implementation experience represent industry best practices and exposure to multiple live sites. Variable: Hit-or-Miss mix of operational background and IT/application experience – resources with both command a premium.
Collaboration Strong Collaboration: LinkEHR resources collaborate effortlessly with our customers while our central office allows our employees the unique ability to collaborate with each other as well. Variable: With a number of consulting firms, multiple team resource locations, and general organizational cultural habits, creating organic collaboration can be a significant challenge.
Efficiency Very Efficient: Highly skilled resources combined with a strong collaboration environment in a dedicated support facility yields the highest degree of efficiency and efficacy. Variable: Varying skillsets, experience levels and collaboration between team members result in less-predictable degrees of efficiency.
Cost Predictable Cost: The LinkEHR per-resource cost is lower than traditional contract labor costs, and while per-resource cost may be higher than FTE costs in many markets, LinkEHR’s higher skillset, collaboration, and efficiency allow for a lower head count and usually results in a more competitive cost profile. Variable: Lower-cost FTE resources and higher-cost contract resources result in highly variable cost profiles, not to mention the cost of management and travel.
Scalability Seamless Scalability: Adding LinkEHR resources is effortless – just say the word. We handle all the recruiting, hiring, onboarding, management, and end-of-project off-boarding. Variable: Incremental hiring, onboarding, orientation, and management handled by internal HR, managers, and teams.